Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Toast, for all it's Worth!

Last week it smelled as if our fridge was going out.

Like something was burning.

Except the burning smelled like really, really bad burnt toast.

So I was confused, because the refrigerator wasn't making odd sounds or sputtering for dear life.

But when I went to adjust the temperature control just a notch to the right, everything shut down.

Like in the movies of the 1970's when the bad guy pulls down the lever to the computer that is housed in a 44800 sq. foot warehouse and everything goes out - sound effects and all?

And that's when I knew we were in for it.

Buying a fridge isn't pocket change.

So my husband came and fiddled while I changed the temperature control some more.  And I consigned myself that by the next morning we would be shopping for a new fridge and I'd be on a MAJOR grocery run.

But before I went to bed, I did place a large cup of baking soda in the fridge.

To absorb the odors, you know.

Because darn it, if my fridge goes out, I don't want it smelling bad!

And the next day, to my GREAT surprise, the fridge was still running,  . . .and still smelling like burnt toast.  Really, really bad burnt toast.  (I know, I said it before, but it was realy, really, really bad!!)

It wasn't until after school when my hungry 15 year old went to make himself a Sloppy Joe. And he had to p.e.e.l. away the hamburger buns away from the light bulb in the very back of the fridge.

Not only had the plastic melted . . .

 . . . But the buns had been toasted.

My son had solved the mystery.

Good news is, we still have a working fridge that DOESN'T smell like really, really, really bad burnt toast.

It smells like bad beans.

Because some forgot to throw away last month's leftovers.

And bad burnt toast smells a whole heck of a lot better that bad beans.


  1. Great story! and such a blessing not to have to buy a new fridge, a new lightbulb is so much cheaper. Thanks for sharing. I love when we can see the humor (mostly after the fact) of the challenges we face.