Saturday, January 21, 2012

Uh, I Didn't Know

Many years ago, and I mean many years ago when I had only five boys who still thought hot cereal for breakfast was all that . . . a woman, who had six grown, married sons of her own told me that when her boys were teenagers she would fix 10 pounds of potatoes for dinner along with the rest of the meal. Not minutes after putting the last, clean dish away, her sons would ask what else there was to eat.

"Yeah, I'll bet," I remember giggling, thinking I knew what this experienced mom meant. . .

Well uh, I'm there. And believe me, I didn't know.


  1. I am constantly saying I'm so glad I only have one boy. Especially now that he's really sprouting. I feel for you but I'm sure you're raising I fine group of young men.