Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Adam

I've been thinking about Adam and Eve.

Because if tomorrow's New Year's Eve, tonight is New Year's Adam . . .

But seriously folks, I really have been thinking about Adam and Eve

And their relationship.

One of the things I have pondered is Adam's willingness to eat of the fruit only after knowing Eve had partaken of it.

He didn't have to eat it.

He could have easily said, "Eve, how much I loved you and how much you've disappointed me! I didn't come into this covenant marriage to marry myself a sinner. But it looks like I have!! And frankly, honey, I can't go on like this with you blatantly disobeying and breaking Father's commandments. You know, the important one where we couldn't eat from the fruit of that tree. So, Eve, you go on your merry little way, off into the wild blue yonder where I hear it is terrible and lonely, and I'll stay put. Right here. Right here in this beautiful garden where sinners aren't permitted."

But that is not what Adam did.

And I don't believe it was even close to what he thought, either.

For because of the covenant marriage he and Eve shared, that Adam chose to partake of the fruit to accompany his wife into that wild blue yonder we affectionately call mortality.

And while I am not saying that every husband or wife should stick with their spouse under every, single circumstance of disobedience, I'm under the strong impression that Adam and Eve serve as an example of how a husband and wife can successfully and happily work things out in a covenant marriage.


In this wild blue yonder we affectionately call mortality.

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  1. Funny you should post this, I went to the temple last night and realized after countless times there, how important humans are. Heavenly Father supervised Jesus and Adam's creation of everything else on earth, but when it came to the creation of man, he was personally involved. This struck me that while my relative insignificance in the universe is obvious, my personal significance to Heavenly Father is overwhelming.

    Good post!